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Why I do, what I do.

My nephew, Scott, came to stay with me during his sixth-grade school year. His mother, my sister, is a single mom who has been enlisted in the United States Army. She wanted to make a difference in her son’s life. Scott was not able to go to South Carolina to boot camp with her, so she asked if he could stay with me. “Of course,” I said. Prior to Scott coming to live with me, he was eating everything from fast food to frozen TV dinners that he cooked himself his favorite snack was in a bag with food color Red 2, Yellow 5 and 6. He was taking ADHD medication, and his grades were a C at best. Scott was eating unhealthy foods loaded with chemicals and preservatives.
No wonder he was not thinking at his best, which his grades clearly demonstrated.
We established a new routine. We ate breakfast in the morning. I packed his lunch almost every day, and then we ate a healthy dinner. One of his teachers called me and said she and the other teachers would like to set up a meeting with me. I had no idea why. I thought maybe Scott really did need his medication. Scott never came to my house with his medication for ADHD.
I went to the school the day of the meeting, and something magical happened. I walked through the door way and said “Oh My God! I’m in big trouble.” In the room was the principle, vice-principle, Scott’s teachers and when diagnosed with ADHD you have another set of teachers, and a person from the school district.  The teacher who called me said on queue “don’t worry Karen, you’re not in trouble go ahead and have a seat. I sat at a table and listened to Scott’s teachers tell me how pleased they are with him. Off of his medications and eating healthy, Scott had earned a place on the honor roll and received a certificate from the Blue Mountain Middle School for straight A’s in math. His math teacher told me that she was in awe of him when she would watch him multiply three numbers by three numbers and arrive at the correct answer without using scratch paper. I couldn’t say anything. I just stared at his teachers in shock.  They asked me the question, “What are you doing with him?”. The teachers were finding it hard to understand how Scott could have such a big turnaround when they looked at his past records. I said, “This is my first time taking care of a teenager,  I was just doing what my mother did with my sisters and me. I was feeding him healthy, nutritious food.”  Scott was eating much healthier, so his brain and body were healthy.
Scott also bloomed in other areas. He played baseball on a Little League team and received his first trophy, and he was also an active Boy Scout.
I thought, If I can do this with a sixth grader, then I need to get out and talk to people about how easy it is to eat healthy and get off their medications. That small changes everyday can make a big difference.
My journey led me to Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is the world’s largest nutrition school per graduating class. Powerful teachers who are the leading doctors, PhDs, researchers, and authorities in nutrition and healthcare today taught me a wide variety of skills in business, coaching, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

Karen had a dream of making a difference for humanity.
“Doesn’t everyone want to make a difference?” asked Karen Mayo

Karen Mayo, the author of Amazon best seller, “Mindful Eating”. Karen has guided numerous people to losing inches, pounds and medications through better eating habits. As a natural whole foods chef Karen fulfills her passion of partnering with people who are committed to improving their health and lifestyle of their families.

Karen has had a widely varied career path working as a bartender, sous chef, model, licensed real estate agent, mortgage and finance professional, motivational speaker, executive recruiter and most recently bee-keeping.

Along the way, Karen has always kept her family roots to a healthy way of eating. Karen’s passion is sharing with others how making small changes in eating healthier can make a big difference in healing their bodies and living a healthier lifestyle.

Karen is board certified Integrative Nutrition health and lifestyle coach, member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners,  certified sports nutritionist along with being certified in fitness and as a personal trainer.

Karen leads corporate health and wellness workshops offering group programs and private individual health and nutrition coaching to parents and their families.

Karen speaks at Columbia University to nurses about nutrition and health care. As a healthy eating specialist, Karen partners with her local Whole Foods to lead lunch and learn workshops.

Karen has also been on numerous radio shows, The Dr. Oz show and you will also find her on TED talks she can be reached by email

Karen’s TED talk is entitled “Mindful Eating with Mayo.”

Karen has a private health coaching practice specializing in effective diet, and lifestyle changes to help her clients lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, and become more confident in all aspects of life in addition to leading corporate workshops on nutrition and lifestyle for health and vitality.