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Being confused about what to eat and what not to eat, because of my kidney situation and my lack of appetite. A colleague of mine introduced me to Karen Mayo. After our first meeting, I was convinced that she could help me and I hired her. After about two weeks, I started to feel better and my appetite got better too. So I was very pleased with Karen, not only for the correct advise but the information I received from her about good healthy living was an eye opener for me. She is a caring, pleasant, sincere and down to earth professional. She made me feel at ease and comfortable discussing my health issues.
Robert B. Zeinoun

Dear Karen,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in getting me on the right track nutritionally. When I started on the whole food cleanse I had a few goals in mind. I set a few major goals for myself, as you know. One was to get my blood sugar numbers down and get off some of the medication that I have been taken.
My numbers were great as my Ac1 test showed and my doctor did not take me off any medication, however, he did lower some of the dosages. All this is great.
A true bonus was the weight loss and the fact that I felt much better. You introduced me to herbs that I have grown to like and use them more often in my cooking.
Now my husband is aboard and together we are working forward to meeting our new goals. I recommended you and your services to a few of my friend and I hope that you can help them meet their goals also.
Your knowledge and expertise have been a fine example to me and I look forward to keeping myself on the right track. Thank you so very much for everything.
Warmest Regards,

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The reader is provided a perspective of the perils of processed food brilliantly countered with easy to follow plans and concept.

In her first book “Mindful Eating” Mayo delivers an expert guide to wellness and nutrition. Finally, a book that integrates the real world view of health with the pathway of eating which everyone can achieve. The reader is provided a perspective of the perils of processed food brilliantly countered with easy to follow plans and concepts from this exceptional author and coach. This book will drive the reader as it did me to make immediate changes in their eating habits.
Anthony C. Gruppo

A recipe for a healthier and more rewarding life
Bob Shandley
Having just finished reading this book I must say kudos to the author. It is very well written with an insight into the complexities of “eating right”. By understanding how these foods affect our bodies we can then follow the correct path to healthy eating. I for one have never been able to stick to my goals of trying to eat the right kinds of foods in order to live a more healthy lifestyle. Ms. Mayo has now made it easier.
Each chapter gets right to the point. For example, the chapter “Superfoods or Just Plain Food” helps to break down various vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. and will give you the benefits of each in an easy to read fashion.
I would say sugar is my number one vice and the chapter “Do You Have The Sugar Blues” is an eye opener when it comes to my sugar dependency. It is amazing when you see the amount of sugar that is contained in the foods we eat every day. The chapter will give natural sweetener options to help reduce your dependency on refined sugar and eventually cut it out completely.
Finally, the author gives you a 4 week plan to follow which includes ideas on what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recipes are in abundance here and are easy to follow. There are also daily affirmations for added positive thinking. I for one will be looking to refer to this book often and be more “MIndful” of what I eat and put into my body.

Great Book!
Tracee Gluhaich
Well written, easy to follow guide, to weave the reader around the conventional foods of the day, into a healthier lifestyle. Simple step-by-step guide to implement into your daily lives. Loved it!

I feel great and with more energy
Leigh Ellis
I bought this book three weeks ago and started Karen’s thirty day program. I am amazed how easy the program is to follow and not have I lost a lot of weight but more important, I now have so much more energy. Reading the book has been an epiphany on my eating habits and choices of food when I eat out. I find myself looking forward to the new dishes that Karen has given us and the smoothies are delicious. I am so happy that I bought this book and working my way through. It is a game changer and I am seeing such wonderful results. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves by changing a few bad eating habits. Thank you Karen!!!

Cheers to Your Health.
Arthur M Gillman
An excellent resource and easy read for anyone currently trying improve their lifestyle through more healthful eating. Karen Mayo touches upon a wide range health topics in this volume which will not only help anyone currently suffering with diabetes, digestive and kidney ailments, cholesterol and blood pressure issues but the average person who just wants to bolster their health regimen. The book also contains delicious and easy-to-follow recipes and helpful tips. Buy this book.

Mindful Eating is not dieting !!!
Randall d. Weis
We bought Karen Mayo’s book, Mindful Eating for our employee’s as an employee benefit, and also engaged Karen to do a ten week eating revisionist program. Since employee’s have embraced to fundamentals of Mindful Eating, they all report, more energy, weight loss, clearer thinking, and the best part is that it is NOT a diet per se. Mindful eating is about being more thoughtful about what foods we put in our body, their origins, the possible negative consequences of certain things, and trying to eat as little processed foods as possible.
Karen’s in depth knowledge of vitamins and simple ideas for handling physical symptoms with better, more mindful eating makes this a program that you can live with for the rest of your life. As a recovering chocolate addict, the principles of this book are helping me and other every day make better food choices.
Everyone who wants to live longer and healthier should read this!!
Randy Weis, CEO, RD Weis Companies, Elmsford, NY

I would like to say that I highly recommend this book
I am an RN and certified in nutrition and herbology. I am also a Massage Therapist and certified in several different aspects of Energy Healing work and Essential oils therapy. That being said, I would like to say that I highly recommend this book. I am impressed with the way Karen Mayo presents the information in her Chapters and is very thorough on whats really important to know, even including a Chart on what foods are Acidic vs. Alkaline. Cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. She also includes a shopping list for each week of the healthy eating 4-5 week diet, which just makes it so much easier. You truly are what you eat and this book helps you to make better choices and itโ€™s long overdue for changes in the food industry in this country. We can make a difference by spreading the word and making the necessary changes and this book is a great start!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Great Plan

This book informs, strategizes, and guides you to mindful healthy eating with encouragement, menus, recipes, and shopping lists. Mayo explains how food can empower moods, and logical execution points so you know how to transition yourself, including how to deconstruct our cravings. She includes good information on what is essential, and what might be hype, and how to best nourish our bodies. I love the acid-alkaline chart!

I read the book as part of a 10 week …
suzanne kolb
I read the book as part of a 10 week Nutrition program through my office with Karen as a weekly coach. It was a very positive experience for everyone involved. Karen educated us to a new way of fueling our bodies as well as viewing the world and our environment in an appreciative manner. It is truly an education to eat mindfully and something most of us take for granted. She has presented a whole new approach for what we all have done unconsciously our entire lives. Her insight and direction will prove invaluable for anyone that wants to improve their health and quality of life.

The material is loaded with healthy insights that are informative and easily digested.
Richard Bell
I found this book to be well researched, written, and organized to the point. The material if loaded with healthy insights that are informative and easily digested. I have a teenage daughter who has also thoroughly enjoyed reading it and has been applying the knowledge and principals to her daily food choices. I highly recommend this book to anyone who consumes food and consider this book to be the Mindful Eaters, Bible. Richard Bell

Five Stars
A BIG fan…
Excellent, and very well done.

Tracey Shoemake
I highly recommend Karen’s book if you are serious about getting healthy. I have struggled with weight issues that have caused health problems in the last two years and Karen makes it simple with her breakdown of everyday eating from the weekly grocery list to your daily meals per week. I’ve tried other books to help but just couldn’t get fully interested and being very busy in our lives juggling work and family. This book definitely hits it on the nail and so much easier to kickstart our lives in the right direction. Another bonus is helping get off meds that are causing more harm and going natural! Thanks Karen! Looking forward to your next book!